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Kira DeWalt is a native & cosmetology graduate of the Eastern Florida State. As a Pravana Senior Artistic Educator & Certified Color Artist, she has had the opportunity of working with celebrity stylists from around the globe. She brings the newest techniques home to her chair & continues to share her 17 years of experience teaching color, product knowledge, & business growth to fellow stylists & salons.

Kira also works with other canvases & embraces new art forms. Certified in medical tattooing & tattoo removal, she builds her portfolio of custom work & designs. Helping others celebrate their story through permanent healing.

As an artist of mixed media, her final passion to share is her love for life through death in the taxidermy studio, Osseous Relics. Come see her finished pieces on display at a local art show or shop her Etsy store.

Humidbeing Magazine Interview

Why, When & How did you Start Your Business?
I’ve proudly been a part of the beauty industry since 2005 & met so many people with amazing stories of survival. Survival of cancer, auto-immune diseases, child-bearing, tragic accidents, lack of’s shocking how many people suffer from little confidence in themselves and their bodies.

I find such reward in seeing people be happy with their hair when looking in the mirror. But, of all things, I want to see people be happy with their overall appearance & complete self..the total package of who they are. We are all living art & a beautiful part of this universe.
As an artist with my kind of experience, I thought, I can give that confidence to people. After loss and healing, I can help them smile again in the present moment. 

This is my place in the world. 
We Understand the Hair & Skin Part… but Why the Bones? What was your First Find?
My first find was a young cow skull with horns in Holopaw, FL. Although it must have been there for quite some time, it was relatively clean -- & adorable. I rode back to camp on the back of a Yamaha holding this head in my lap as if cradling a motherless kitten. I was 10 years old & on a ride-along with my father & a few hunters. I watched them hang & clean the day’s reapings. That was the first time I learned what a functioning digestive system smells like. I watched entrails free fall into galvanized tubs poorly catching a chaotic bloodbath of ruptured organs. So susceptible, so amenable, provocative really. It made me realize just how fragile, how mortal we all are. All we have is the present moment. This too shall pass.
How Long have you been an Artist?
As long as I can remember. My grandmother was an amazing artist & we bonded over creating together. I loved anime & Capcom. Darkstalkers & Akira were favorites. I started out drawing mostly but eventually over the years embraced painting, tattooing, & hairstyling. And yet now I am obsessed with bone art & practicing taxidermy. It’s all about capturing a moment of a beautiful perspective. 

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